Ways to get rid of fluff hair

Hair always needs a lot of care to avoid several problems it may be exposed to, such as breakage, dandruff, tangles and hair fluffing. In this article, we will shed light on hair fluffing, and specifically ways to treat it
Hair spray to treat hair fluffiness: Hairspray is one of the quick and temporary solutions that you can resort to in order to reduce hair fluffiness. All you have to do is spray some of it on the hair or spread the spray on a toothbrush and then pass it on the volatile hairs to get rid of the fluff.
Hair gel for frizzy hair: You can also pass the toothbrush over the gel, and remove the excess amount of the gel. Then pass the toothbrush on the hair, specifically on the volatile hairs at the front of the head.
Eyebrow gel to treat frizzy hair: You can use eyebrow gel to reduce frizzy hair.
Banana and argan oil mixture to treat hair fluffiness: All you have to do is mix two tablespoons of argan oil with a grain of banana, and then apply the mixture to the hair. Wait a while before removing the mask and washing your hair as usual.
Follow a special routine after washing the hair in order to treat the fluffiness of the hair: This routine includes following some of the following steps, which are:
  • Do not comb hair while it is wet.
  • Use a cotton towel to dry the hair.
  • Do not dry hair randomly with a blowdryer. - Also, hair should not be dried at a very high temperature, and therefore it is preferable to cool the heat before finishing.