Benefits of cutting hair and the best time to cut it?

There are many benefits of cutting hair, which helps to promote hair health, and prevents the occurrence of many hair problems. In this article, we will learn about the most important benefits of cutting hair, the appropriate periods for cutting it, and how to do it at home.
Benefits of cutting hair:
There are a variety of benefits of cutting hair, including the following:
  • Regular hair cutting helps to enjoy healthy hair and resist hair loss.
  • Getting rid of split ends of hair.
  • Hair cutting every 12 weeks helps to contribute to an increase in hair length.
  • Getting rid of hair tangles.
  • Getting rid of curly hair.
  • Getting rid of hair damage, caused by the frequent use of chemical products.
  • Ease of control and care for short hair, compared to long hair that needs more attention.
When should the hair be cut?
There are a number of signs that appear on the hair, which indicate the need to cut it, including:
  • Brittleness, entanglement, and increased breakage of the ends of the hair.
  • The tips of the hair appear greasy.
The best time to cut hair The right time to cut hair varies , according to the nature of the hair type and length, and we explain that as follows:
1 . Short hair: The appropriate period for cutting short hair ranges from two to four weeks, to maintain the strength and beautiful appearance of hair, and cutting it every four weeks helps to increase hair growth in the event of a desire to increase its length.
2 . Medium-length hair: The appropriate period for cutting medium-length hair ranges from 8 to 12 weeks.
3 . Long hair: The appropriate period for cutting long hair is every 6 months, but there are some other factors that determine the appropriate period for cutting long hair, depending on the density or lightness of the hair, because light hair needs to be cut more than thick hair.
4. Curly hair: Curly hair can be cut every 6 months, because choosing curly hair needs a routine to take care of it, so it can reduce cutting periods, but if it appears dull, it is preferable to cut it