How do you know your hair type?

You choose your hair care products according to its type, but it doesn't work for you? You probably don't really know your hair type as much as you think, because it's more than just categorizing it as curly or straight, oily or dry! Additional criteria and factors that must be taken into account when determining the type of hair, if you are looking for the best routine to take care of it, and if you think that the matter will become more complicated, do not worry, we are here to help! Here's everything you need to know about how to determine your hair type.

Determine hair type by texture
The best way to know if your hair is straight, "curly" or "wavy" is to leave it as it is after you shower, without products. Let it dry on its own.
If it dries straight, without folds or creases, it's smooth.
If it dries in slight curls or in an S shape, it is considered wavy.
If it dries in the form of spiral curls or specific loops, but it is not dense, then it is curly.
Determine the type of hair by structure
Here we talk about the thickness of the hair: fine, medium or coarse (thick). How do you know what is the structure of your hair?
Grab a tuft
Can you almost feel it with your hand? So your hair texture is soft.
Do you feel its roughness? So your hair texture is thick.
Do you feel it in a moderate way? So your hair structure is medium.
By how much your locks can handle hairstyles , such as smooth and wavy.
If your hair has a fine texture, it won't hold a Curly or Wavy style.
If your hair is of a medium structure, it is relatively easy to style and maintains the style for a longer period of time than hair with a fine texture.
If your hair has a thick or coarse structure, it is often difficult to style because it is usually less flexible than the fine and medium structures, and it can easily become frizzy.