Wrong hair care may damage it..so beware of it

Hair care seems easy, but your hair is exposed all the time to sunlight, climate changes, and pollution, which makes it weaker and less healthy and attractive. Dyeing and styling reduce its endurance, but the most dangerous thing is that your hair care is its biggest enemy, as wrong hair care harms it and deprives it of proper nutrition for it. Learn with us about ideal hair care.
The correct and healthy way to wash hair:
  • Comb your hair before showering with a wide-toothed comb, this helps to loosen the tangles in the strands, which does not weaken the strands of hair and reduces their breakage, especially if the hair is dry
  • Wet your hair with warm water and put a small amount of Hair Rescue Shampoo-Save It in your hands, gently massage your scalp with your fingertips.
  • Avoid lifting the ends of the hair to rub them with the scalp, as this causes many tangles in the hair strands.
  • Rinse your hair with warm water and the direction of your hair down.
  • Apply Safe It conditioner to the ends of the hair, and do not apply it to the scalp.
  • Leave the conditioner for 3 minutes on your hair, then rinse it out completely.
Tips for combing hair properly:
Combing the hair from the roots to the ends : this arrangement may seem logical, but it pulls the hair from its roots, so it falls out! Instead, brush the ends of your hair to loosen the tangles first, then go up a few centimeters and comb it secondly, and so on until you comb it from the roots to the ends, but without falling out.
Combing wet hair : The hair is weakest when it is wet, so it is preferable not to comb it while it is wet. Let it dry first.
Using the brush : The hair brush is harsh on it, so it is preferable to use a wide-toothed comb, but after applying styling oil or cream first, so that it becomes smooth and combing does not break it.
Excessive combing : Gently comb your hair until it loosens its tangles. Here the combing ends. Be gentle with your hair and do not comb it too much, as it weakens it.
Choosing the right brush : If you prefer to use a brush, use a brush made of natural materials, as it is gentler on the hair than synthetic materials, and do not forget to moisturize your locks with natural oils first.
Using a dirty brush : Wash your hairbrush on a weekly basis, as it retains your fallen hair, hair oil, and excess fat with the dirt it carries. Not washing the brush means combing the hair with yesterday’s remnants.