What is the difference between natural and synthetic hair extensions?

There are some differences and criteria that help you distinguish between natural hair extensions and synthetic extensions, so get to know them.
What are natural hair extensions?
As its name indicates, natural hair extensions are taken from treated natural hair, but they lack the natural oils that the scalp usually secretes.
What are synthetic hair extensions ?
It is an extension made of synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic and polyester.
The difference between natural and synthetic hair extensions
There are 4 differences and criteria that help you distinguish between natural and synthetic hair extensions, which are:
Hair extension color
It is possible to find a wide choice of all colors from natural extension to match your natural hair color, unlike synthetic hair extensions. The latter may not be found in the color you want, which matches your natural hair color, as the options here may be fewer.
Hair extension texture
The texture of natural hair extension is characterized by its softness, as it is made of natural fibers from real hair. As for synthetic hair extensions, their texture is rougher and drier, because they are not made of natural proteins and therefore do not retain moisture.
Hair extension installation
Natural hair extensions blend seamlessly with natural locks, unlike synthetic extensions. In other words, the natural extension will look like your real hair: soft and smooth. As for the artificial extension, it may seem clear that you are wearing it, as if it did not blend well with the natural locks, and this may be due to the color and coarseness of the artificial hair.
Sustain extension hair
Natural hair extensions last from 3 to 12 months or longer depending on the care regimen. As for synthetic hair extensions, they do not last long and are ideal for temporary use.
Be careful not to use heat tools when styling the industrial extension, as this may lead to damage and possible burns. However, you can use these tools, such as hair extensions, on natural hair. Therefore, it is very important to check whether the extensions are natural or artificial, according to the criteria we explained to you above, in order to avoid any aesthetic problem.
Which one is better: natural or synthetic hair extensions?
Well, this is up to you, so if you want hair extensions that you can control as you want, styling them with thermal tools and resorting to them for long periods of time, then we recommend natural extension. But if you are looking for extensions to wear for a short period of time or for an occasion, you can choose synthetic extensions.