If you have curly hair, stay away from these ingredients

There are many, many ingredients that plague hair care products, each with a different function. But if you are the owner of curly hair in particular, then you probably sometimes have difficulty finding the perfect product and ingredients for your curly locks, which compliment their shape and nourish them. To begin with, there are some ingredients that you should completely stay away from in order to maintain long curly hair, and in this article we will introduce you to them.
Ingredients that damage curly hair
The sulfate substance, specifically sodium laureth sulfate, is included in shampoo products that cause foam, which suggests that the product is effective and cleans the hair well. But in fact, this substance negatively affects the hair as it strips the strands of natural oils, causing hair breakage and leading to hair loss. From here, this substance harms the health of curly hair as well as its appearance, as it reduces waves due to stripping hair of beneficial oils that highlight healthy curls.
This substance is among the chemicals that are included in the formula of shampoo products to preserve them and avoid the formation of bacteria. However, it negatively affects the health of the hair, as it causes irritation to the scalp and strips the hair of useful oils, and thus the curly strands gather on each other and do not appear defined and healthy.
What goes into the shampoo gives the hair a soft look, and therefore it is not useful for curly hair and can reduce waves because it helps to straighten hair. In addition, it damages the strands at times, as this substance envelops the hair, preventing it from benefiting from any oil bath or other ingredients, which damages the strands and makes them unhealthy. In addition, silicone does not dissolve in water, so it is difficult to get rid of it, as it remains stuck in the hair, which leads to weak strands, breakage and loss over time.
Salicylic acid
It is true that salicylic acid is one of the ingredients that nourishes the skin as well as the hair, but if you have curly hair, then it does not suit you at all. This acid moisturizes the strands from the depths and helps to smooth them as well as straightening the strands. From here, it does not serve the waves of your hair, but rather makes the styling process more difficult.
It is true that chemical perfumes give hair a sweet and beautiful scent, but they do real damage to hair. These substances affect the production of estrogen and testosterone hormones, and this leads to weak hair and causes it to fall out.