Learn the secrets of healthy hair

The healthy and lively appearance of hair is one of the signs of brilliance and attractiveness, but this result needs care and attention, so that your hair does not lose its luster and beauty.
Eat fish and nuts for healthier hair : The food that is good for the body is the same that works to increase the health and strength of hair. Salmon and walnuts, which are rich in protein and omega, increase scalp health. The elements found in leafy vegetables, beans and carrots are also good for your hair
Do not comb your hair too much: the more you comb your hair, the more you will lose a percentage of it. It is necessary here to warn against combing wet hair
Avoid hairstyles that damage your hair : pebble tails and tight braids may break hair and damage follicles, especially if the hair is wet. Extensions add weight to the hair and put pressure on the follicles, so doctors advised not to use extensions for more than 3 months.
Protect your hair from the sun: The sun is not gentler on your hair than it is on your skin, especially if the hair is dyed. Use a spray that contains a sun protection factor, or wear a hat when the sun is intense.
Preserve the shine of your hair by using lukewarm water: hot water strips the hair of sebum, which is the oil that works as a natural conditioner and gives your hair its shine.