Summer hair care routine

In the summer season, the scorching sun rays can be harmful to our skin and hair, so it is necessary to learn how to take comprehensive care of our hair during this season. Exposure to the sun can cause problems like dryness, frizz, and damage to our hair, so let's find out together how to take care of it.
  • Using oils in hair care is a great option Oils provide an effective treatment for most hair problems. You can apply coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil to your hair before going to sleep and wash it in the morning. You will find that your hair becomes softer and shinier.
  • Keep your hair clean: Our hair gets damaged due to the effects of the sun, sweat and dirt during the summer. So you should make sure to shampoo your hair twice a week to remove sebum and impurities. It is also recommended to use conditioner regularly to moisturize and strengthen hair.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food: Our diet greatly affects the health of our hair. You should include nutrient-dense foods like almonds, soybeans, flaxseeds, dairy products, chickpeas, and tomatoes in your diet. And don't forget to drink enough water to maintain hydration