The difference between fine hair and thin hair

Your hair is thinning”, “Your hair is thinning”… These comments are often heard by women about their hair, but how can we differentiate thin hair from thinning hair? In fact, there is a big difference between them.
Thin hair means that the diameter of the hair follicle is small or that the hair itself is not thick. Because of this distinction, hair appears thinning, and it is difficult for thin hair to achieve noticeable volume and volume. However, we should note that the cause of thinning hair is due to genetics, and this cannot be changed. Thus, thin hair can be straight or curly.
As for light hair , it refers to a lack of density, that is, the number of hairs on the head. Light hair may be smooth, curly, or curly, and this is not related to density in general. For example, if you have curly hair, you may think that your hair is thick because of its shape, but this may be wrong, as thickness is not limited to a specific type of hair.
So, simply put, the difference between thinning hair and thinning hair is that thinning hair is generally less dense, while thinning hair refers to the thinness of the hair itself. In the case of hair thinning and thinning, the genetic cause can be the most common, and childbirth, a lack of protein in the diet, or some disease are additional factors.
It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with having thin hair or thinning hair, all hair types are beautiful in their own ways. Appropriate care products and styling techniques can be used to improve the appearance of hair and add volume and thickness as desired.